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What use is a website that nobody can find? sure its a reinforcing factor, to show that your business has substance, but for real impact you can't ignore the powers of:
google, yahoo, facebook, ebay, gumtree, msn, youtube, etc.

Google is run on an extensive set of complicated and ever evolving algorithms. Ranking highly on google is undoubtably the most important advertising position you can aim for. Here at the 99 solutions group we can help your business get the most from google, continually monitor its performance and implement changes as the market evolves.

Quality position, without expert knowledge is futile. We've even had clients who take on their online marketing campaign, and artificually inflated the market segment by overbidding or bidding against themselves in an auction situation. Sounds a bit silly!, but this is easy to do if you don't know the system.

contact us to discuss your specific needs.

We can taylor a program to suit any business and any budget. with the right mix of platforms and limits in place, businesses can see return on investment beyond the capabilities of any other form of marketing.

Online marketing Specialists.
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