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A picture tells a thousand words. High quality images and relevant photographs are the most important aspects to consider when choosing a photographer. The expertise needed for an outstanding photo package is an extraordinary combination of artistic ability, technical know-how and top of the line equipment. Photographers possessing these skills are few and the most talented people in their field are hard to find. The ninety nine solutions group has eliminated this problem, and with a team of photographers we are sure to have one who will give your business a powerful and suitable photographic package.

Hiring the most economical photographers can often lead to very unsatisfactory results, yet hiring the most expensive photographer may not provide a guarantee of customer satisfaction. Photography at 99sg goes beyond the on site photo shoot and instead works seamlessly with other design disciplines in an integrated process, to achieve a final presentation product.

At 99sg we ensure that the photographer on site is right for your job, selected from our specialists in sport, landscapes, buildings, fashion and product.

The key to a hastle free and powerful final product is employing the right professional photographers who know the process that your job will undergo before final proofing.

We believe that photographic style is a combination of consultation, planning and photographic skill. The advantage of using 99sg for your photographic needs is that we deliver the right combination of pre-planning, top quality images and post-photo-shoot process to deliver a holistic approach to imaging and image implementation.

At 99sg, we cater for all photographic styles. Integration in your web site or business literature is our specialty.


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